Why MOORE is better?

CitiIMPACT Mission Teams Respond
CitiIMPACT Mission Teams Respond

Teams from CA and NC, making up over 50 people were in Moore, OK last week.  The highlight of the week was a cookout one evening; complete with pool, bounce house, crafts, and old fashion fun.  Five of the seven families whose children died at  Plaza Towers Elementary were our special guests.This gave the siblings a safe private place to just be kids.  Even the adults were appreciative of a moment to simply be, without questions, interviews, or expectations to act a certain way.  There were many hugs, many tears, and many many laughs as memories were shared and made.  What an honor to spend this night with these amazing people and call them all friends.   Teams, staff, local church members, and caring Moore residents found this to be true . . .
 We Love MOORE &  Feel MOORE, as we Serve MOORE 
Growing MOORE Stronger & MOORE Better!
The teams worked closely with a few families we’ve come to know, building upon the relationships established.  The stories of how God has connected dots (from up to 10 years ago) is nothing short of miraculous (look for the video coming soon!).  
ARKANSAS TORNADO UPDATES: With partners such as The Arkansas Dream Center and New Life Church, they have come a long way.  Yet, much help is still needed.  CitiIMPACT continues to send supplies and teams here as well as Louisville, MS.  Even this past Friday four semi trucks of new plumbing fixtures (tubs, showers, etc.) were delivered to these locations to assist with the rebuilds!

CitiIMPACT affiliates are forming across the country.  These are typically comprised of anchor churches who wish to prepare their community for disaster, being ready to respond locally and regionally.  These churches recognize that disasters are occurring at an ever increasing rate and they want to be ready to BE the hands of feet of Jesus and not sit back and rely upon government entities.   Forming a CitiIMPACT affiliate in your area will bring you into
a collaboration of partners. 
Contact us today for further details: info@citiimpact.org.

Ebola Outbreak: Our Kids and Workers in Danger

The worst African Ebola outbreak ever is spreading quickly in Liberia. Two US Medical Missionaries have tested positive for the disease and are being treated at ELWA Hospital (where Abraham works).
CitiIMPACT Liberia Liaison, Abraham Dayepaye and family.  Besides monitoring welfare of our sponsored kids he also works at ELWA Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia.  ELWA is where the government has set up the isolation center for Ebola patients.  
CitiIMPACT has many ties to Liberia. We began a child sponsorship program there three years ago. Through this we have many dear friends, like Abraham shown here.
Another CitiIMPACT liaison is Pastor Daniel, who serves with us in the Buchanan area. Daniel sent us a text that read:
“One patient arrived at the hospital vomiting blood. Nurses, patients, and everyone ran away. The patient left standing alone in the ER.  He died later that day”.
Please join us in prayer:
1. Ebola will stop spreading within Liberia and Africa and will not become a world epidemic.
2.  Pray for Abraham and the other hospital staff, missionaries, and aid workers who put their life on the line daily to help others.  May He heal those sick and protect all.
3.  Pray specifically for our sponsored children and their families.  May God put a hedge of protection around them.  If you sponsor one of these children, please be praying for them by name daily and send them a note of encouragement.  Fear and panic are widespread, as I’m sure you can imagine. 
Partner with us to send supplies.  Your DONATION could literally save a life.  Our first focus is educating and protecting the sponsored families and children.


Block Party/Cook-Out: Surviving Siblings from Plaza Towers School

Often the best healing and therapy for kids is simply play time;  a moment of “normalcy” to simply be a kid.  This is what CitiIMPACT is doing on July 16th  in Moore, OK.  Bringing together moments of carefree joy and fearless fun complete with giggles, games, and of course food for the children (and families) whose siblings died in the tornado that hit their school.  No, it won’t take the pain or nightmares away.  But God can make miracles in a moment.  Seize the “moment” now,  by partnering through your prayers and finances.  (Just note “moment”) 
A great opportunity beyond “the moment” is for one family who lost their precious daughter at the school and is now facing eviction due to inability to work and high medical bills for the other child also hurt.  If you’d like to partner with us in blessing them please note “Emily” with your donation.

Team from MN serving in Mayflower, AR

Summer Team Updates and Ongoing Opportunities

Teams are serving with CitiIMPACT in New Jersey, Arkansas, and Oklahoma this summer, so far.   There are many opportunities to clear debris, rebuild, children’s activities, etc. 
Schedule your Mission Team!


Affiliates in 7 states get supplies.

CitiIMPACT and our collaborative partners have shipped 8 semi loads of supplies to our affiliate partners in 7 states in just the past week!  On top of that,  building supplies have continued to NJ and OK.
Does your church want to be trained in disaster response?  Do you have or want to have a food pantry?  Are you involved with compassion   ministries?  Forming a CitiIMPACT affiliate in your area will bring you into a collaboration of partners. Resources, knowledge, and talents are shared, then multiplied for the Kingdom.

Contact us today for further details: info@citiimpact.org.
Don’t let the moment get away!

Opportunities to Serve
We need you!

BRING A TEAM – Sign up MIssion Teams now.

TRAINING – Be prepared for when a disaster hits your region, and to respond to other regions.
ADVISORY BOARD – send resume and what you can offer
DONATE towards relief, recovery, and resilience.
Web design, video, and social media 
Interns – In college or newly graduated.

A Story of Home from a Daddy’s “Haze of Grief”

One Year Anniversary 
Oklahoma Tornado
May 20, 2013 an F5 tornado ripped through Moore, OK.  killing 24 people including 7 precious children at Plaza towers elementary.  CitiIMPACT, it’s volunteers and partners, have been honored to walk beside hundreds of families as they grieve the loss of loved ones and homes.  We’ve relived that day through our friends,  Ross and Danni Legg whose son Christopher died after he left his safe spot to comfort a scared friend in another classroom.  He covered her with his body and she lived.  Christopher lived and died a hero, may his legacy live on.  The Legg’s home was also flattened and a lifetime of photos and memories were sucked away.  Ross says, “In my haze of grief,  I couldn’t provide a home for my family.  CitiIMPACT did that for me.”  Teams moved them out of a shelter and into a rental house . . . then they “took the time to make it a home”.   Please pray for all who suffered this unspeakable loss, especially the parents and siblings who don’t need a calendar to remind them of the pain.

JD Smith, talks with homeowner who survived Mayflower tornado in his shower, and gives him relief supplies.
Relief, Recover, Resilience
Multiplied through Collaborative Partnerships
CitiIMPACT  has delivered 8 semi loads (worth $1.2 million) of  relief  supplies toareas in MS and AR recently hit by tornados.  30,000 hot meals were also served.  Thanks to key partners M25,   World Vision,  and Operation BBQ for connecting through us to reach these areas.  CitiIMPACT CEO, JD Smith, visited each site and now guides local  partners ( AR Dream Center, New Life Church Little Rock,  Journey Church, Faith Church,  First Baptist Louisville, First Baptist Tupelo, HOPE Church Tupelo, St Lukes Tupelo, Mayor’s office Mayfield)  towards recovery.  

CitiIMPACT walks with communities until they reach a place of  resilience.  Pastor Kirk Pankratz of Oklahoma City’s Church of the Harvest says it like this, “CitiIMPACT has stayed committed for the long haul not just the limelight”.  Currently CitiIMPACT continues to serve Moore, OK;  New Orleans, LA; and areas in NJ affected by Sandy with long term support. consulting,  teams, and supplies.  Semi loads of house kits and building supplies are still arriving at these sites.

Collaborative Partnerships is how we catalyze help and hope, like our ongoing efforts in LaPlace Louisiana where CitiIMPACT was recently awarded a community acknowledgement plaque by Pastor Neil Bernard and the Parrish President.  Pastor Neil, said, “This is for ongoing efforts since day one. Without CitiIMPACT our recovery would have been so much slower. Thank you for bringing your network to help us in our tragedy.”  


Your Financial Partnership allows us to be prepared for relief,  follow-up with recovery and continue through until resilience.

Opportunities to Serve
We need you!

BRING A TEAM – Sign up now.

TRAINING – be prepared for when a disaster hits your region.
ADVISORY BOARD – send resume and what you can offer
DONATE towards relief, recovery, and resilience.

CitiIMPACT Advances Resilience Efforts

LOOKING AHEAD TO NEXT FEW DAYS OF SEVERE WEATHER.  It looks like about 1/3 of the country from OK to NC have the potential to see tornadic activity.  Please keep a weather radio nearby and take safety precautions. If your area receives significant impact contact us immediately. 


Even as we prepare to send help and hope for the future storms we are still serving those that were impacted by previous ones.  Teams and supplies are still needed in Moore, OK; New Orleans, LA; and NJ/NY from Sandy. 

ANNOUNCING:  New Resources for Long Term Recovery!

CitiIMPACT has more developing collaborative partnerships that will better meet needs in our Disaster Resilience processes.  We’re now adding increased capacity for rebuilding homes for those who have been uninsured or grossly underinsured. The process affords dignity, encourages responsibility and establishes accountability.  We work with local churches, groups and businesses across the USA to build panelized walls for homes , ship them to the disaster zones and work case by case with local faith based groups to expedite the rebuilding processes.  

Maybe you can’t form a mission team or have folks who can’t take time off work. Well now the mission field can come to you!  These can be built on a parking lot over a weekend!  Contact us for more information. The first three of these homes have been delivered to New Orleans, LA. Pictures coming soon!


buildingsuppliestonj  cantonj2

Now 18 months later, the cameras and news crews are long gone.  Yet, CitiIMPACT continues to send in supplies and teams to serve the areas devastated by Super Storm Sandy.  In NJ last week (as seen above), CitiIMPACT building materials were delivered and a high school team from Canada worked hard getting homes ready for rehab.

Volunteers, Internships, and Partner Opportunities

Still Space for Spring and Summer Teams
Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, and New Jersey need YOU!
 We are thankful for the many alternative spring break college groups who are serving others.  Still room for yours!  Also signing up youth groups and skilled teams for now through fall.  There is something for everyone; disaster recovery, rebuilds, low income housing repairs, summer camps for inner city youth, etc. CitiIMPACT is able to tailor your projects based on your skills and interests.

Texas Tech in OK



PATHWAY TO PARTNERS:  Won’t you PAVE the way?

CitiIMPACT values our partners.  When we say we couldn’t do it without them, it is not a flippant statement.  We ONLY do things WITH and THROUGH a collaboration of partners.  More can get done by working together.  For example, in disaster zones CitiIMPACT:

  • Works alongside local churches enabling them to better serve their own community.
  • Partners with groups from across the country to bring volunteer teams.
  • Mobilizes our network of supply partners to get immediate relief aid and long term building materials.
Through these partnerships we are able to multiply every $1 given at least 150%.  The spring tornado season is upon us and hurricane season is just around the corner.  We are asking you to PAVE the way for CitiIMPACT to be ready and equipped to respond.  Maybe you have come on a team in the past. Maybe your church was one we partnered with to serve your community.  Or, maybe you personally received help after a disaster.
Now we are asking you to partner in a new way by “PAVING it FORWARD”; paving the way for others to receive their HELP and HOPE.  
You can PAVE it Forward by:
  • Financial Gift.  We have a goal to raise $50,000 by June 1st.  Your gift of just $50 will yield a $750 or more return in goods and services.  Click here for easy donate info, remember PayPal can now take credit card without setting up an account!
  • Host Disaster Training.

     It would be much more effective if communities were trained and had a plan in place ahead of time. Your church can host a training to be prepared in how to serve your community during times of crisis and how to be a beacon if disaster strikes nearby.  Plans are underway for an accredited college course to roll out in the coming year!

Looking for Interns

CitiIMPACT is developing our internship program. Final info and applications will be ready by July 1st. However, if you think you may be interested please email: toni@citiimpact.org.
An ideal candidate would be college student or recent graduate who:
  • Has interest in pursuing missions and/or disaster relief.
  • Has excellent communication skills, including speaking in front of groups.
  • Lives within 4 hours of many college campuses and has reliable transportation.
  • Able to present letter of recommendation from ministry leader.
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Teams, Tornados, and Typhoid

*From Feb, 2014 – neglected to post on blog.

What if it was your community that  is affected by disaster? Would you be ready?  If you are not, you can’t help your neighbors.  Is your church prepared? If not, they can’t help the community?  Preparations need to happen, plans need to be in place.  We at CitiIMPACT can assist you in doing so.  Remember, it is not IF a disaster will strike near you it is WHEN. Contact us for more information on training.
Even as we  are watching the weather today, we are reminded that today is the 9 month Anniversary of the Moore, OK  tornado. Thoughts and prayers for all who were devastated.  Especially those who lost children.  We have heard from a few today who say the wind whipping makes this sad anniversary even harder.  Their surviving children are terrified to go to school.
   Rebuilding is getting underway in Moore now.  
Teams are needed. Schedule now to make a difference in the lives of those who have lost so much.
Teams Reserving NOW:
OK,  NJ, NOLA, CO, and AL all continue to need teams and will into the Spring and Summer of 2014.  Please fill out this team form for more information.  Keep in mind that March, April, June, and July are our busiest months.  If you want to come in those months please don’t delay in reserving spots.
In closing, we’d like to share a story from last week.  As most of you know we have a child sponsorship program in Liberia.  A sponsored child is able to attend school (often for the first time).  We got word last week that one of our little girls, who goes by “Baby Girl” had typhoid and was not doing well at all.  Typhoid kills 1 out of 5 people left untreated. Treatment seems simple enough
 . . . antibiotics.  Yet, Baby Girl’s widowed mother could not afford the money to take her to a doctor.  We inquired as to how much it would cost to to get her seen by a doctor and the necessary treatment, now more complicated as she was on week three of Typhoid.  The text came back, “About $20 should cover it”.  Wow, $20 was all that stood between life and death.  This is a overwhelmingly sad reality. However, we are happy to report that Baby Girl is now being treated and getting better everyday.  Please continue to pray for her and all the children of the world whose lives are unfairly vulnerable due to lack of education, clean water, and medical care.