Super Storm SANDY Stories

Last night’s nor’easter was a slap in the face to millions struggling to survive following Super Storm Sandy.  Thousands are still without power . . . OR without power yet again.  Many have no heat and no water as well.  CitiIMPACT and it’s network of partners and supporters are continuing to respond.  Here are some status updates, via CEO JD SMITH this morning:

  • Brick, NJ:   Power out again at church site.  Lines down.  Still cooking and sending meals out.  Thousands of pounds of  frozen chicken being kept cold under 7 inches of snow!
  • Lakewood, NJ:  12 inches snow. Unloading trucks & feeding people. Plans to get 16 stall shower semi placed tomorrow.
  • Staten Island, NY:  Snow. Unloading trucks. relief aid distribution.
  • Old Bridge, NJ:  Partnering church is one who came to serve with us in IN this summer, now they are a lighthouse in own area!!  Snow. Power out. Unloading semis daily. Hot meals.  Secured Warehouse to serve greater community and offload supplies.
  • Brooklyn. 7 inches snow. Hot meal trucks running shuttles to projects. Unloaded 2 of our semis in snow storm last night with sleeping bags wrapped around them.

Pray for teams coming into serve and bring supplies.  One group from Charlotte ended up having to reroute as the gentleman became ill and was hospitalized.  There was  a car accident last night involving some folks bringing supplies from Indiana, one SUV following the truck was totaled but all are safe.

TEAMS:  Ready starting 11/12 for teams of 4 or more for 3 or more days.

DONATE:  $1  for a meal: feeding 20,000 meals a day!   Anything will help.

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